Week 4, Question 3

Problems Facing the Future of Web Credibility

  • Increase in ads on pages – more websites mean less money so website owners need to make revenue somehow
  • Increase pop ads – website creators don’t want to pay for website security and protection
  • More authors – the web is ever expanding, meaning the number of websites, posts and online authors will only increase with time, not all of which will be credible
  • Shifts in medium – video and YouTube growing rapidly in popularity which may result in credibility being harder to determine in videos
  • Increase in use and input of comment sections – credible information may be mixed with non-credible comments on website
  • Increase in abandoned websites – more authors mean increase in websites that may not have worked or could be financially supported which means that the information may be outdated which can cause problems if not explicitly stated
  • Google is used considerably more than Google scholar – most websites that are used are not found through google scholar meaning it may be harder for credible website to find a big enough audience to stay running
  • Money – Many credible journals, articles or books require a paid subscription. With an increase in free content available, users are less likely to pay for credible information

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